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Catering Sous Chef
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Full-Time [35-40 hrs]
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Nothing in this position description restricts Management’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities at any time.


The primary purpose of the Catering Sous Chef is to assist the Executive Chef with menu development and production of Catering items. The Catering Sous Chef will assist to train and manage culinary personnel and supervise/coordinate all related culinary activities. This individual is responsible for ensuring that we exceed customer expectations, develop our Associates and meet both Company and departmental objectives



  1. Provide superior customer service as defined by Di Bruno Bros. within the scope of the position and Company policy
  2. Research, develop and execute menus that meet the needs of our catering customers and exceeds their expectations.
  3. Assist the Executive Chef with the overall direction, coordination, evaluation and financial results of the Food Service Team at Di Bruno Bros.
  4. Assist to Manage staff in a manner consistent with Di Bruno Bros.’ Servant Leadership philosophy by maximizing productivity, customer service and Associate satisfaction:
    1. Assist to establish performance goals, allocate resources and assess policies for Culinary Team
    2. Assist to conduct employment interviews, performance appraisals and administer rewards and discipline as necessary
    3. Assist to coach and motivate Associates to foster ongoing development and help them reach their potential
    4. Assist to ensure compliance of Associates with established policies, procedures and practices
  5. Assist with inventory control and ordering food/supplies for the Food Service Team. Controls food costs by establishing purchasing specifications, storeroom requisition systems, product storage requirements, standardization recipes and waste control procedures
  6. Assist to monitor department budgets and payroll including COG, labor and expenses
    1. Schedule staff in conjunction with business forecasts and predetermined budget to ensure high efficiency, labor within budget and a timely check out for guests
    2. Take corrective action as necessary to meet all sales and profitability objectives
    3. Perform inventory reconciliation each month or as assigned
  7. Assist with the anticipation and forecasting of events, holidays and planned activities that have the potential to impact business and adjust menu offerings, labor and production pars accordingly
  8. Assist with the maintenance of presentation and quality standards
    1. Conduct continuous daily inspections and testing of all food products to ensure that company standards of uniformity and quality are met
    2. Ensure recipe compliance with regular checks
  9. Ensure proper equipment operation and maintenance by coordinating scheduled and preventative Maintenance
  10. Train Culinary Team personnel in safe operating procedures of all equipment, utensils and machinery
  11. Provide safety training in lifting, carrying, hazardous material control, chemical control, first aid and CPR
  12. Ensure that all federal, state, local and Company regulations and standards for product freshness, safety, refrigeration, sanitation and weights and measures are met
    1. Train culinary personnel in sanitation practices and establish cleaning schedules, stock rotation schedules, refrigeration
    2. Follow and enforce HAACP Control procedures
  13. Assist in the selection and development of standardized production recipes and portion specifications in accordance with consumer tastes, nutritional needs, product specifications, and established procedures and budgetary constraints
    1. Train culinary personnel in food production principles and practices
    2. Train culinary personnel to prepare all products while retaining maximum amount of desirable nutrients
  14. Assist in the development of new recipes in accordance with the philosophies and standards of Di Bruno Bros.
  15. Help to establish presentation technique and quality standards for all menu items and for food production practices
  16. Rotate food selections regularly based on season, holiday, product availability, merchandising mix and demand for wellness and vegetarian options
  17. Assist with the coordination of training activities for the Culinary Team to include the identification and analysis of training needs and the design and implementation of programs to address these deficiencies
  18. Assist with the documentation and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures
  19. Additional duties as assigned



  • Minimum 5 years of experience managing in a high volume setting or operation and a culinary degree; and/or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Previous experience with controlling costs of food and labor
  • Understanding of prepared retail foods and decomposition
  • Experience with cooking, menu development and pricing and development of Culinary Team
  • Proven knowledge of catering operations
  • Proficiency with automated reporting systems including, but not limited to, inventory, food cost, scheduling, time and attendance, gross margin and labor
  • Experience in ordering, inventory maintenance and shrink control
  • Excellent leadership, organizational and communications skills
  • Ability to manage in a diverse environment with focus on product consistency
  • Ability to communicate and delegate as needed with customers , superiors, peers and subordinates
  • Ability to effectively manage a department, train and cross-train staff
  • Ability to read, write and count to accurately complete all documentation
  • Ability to move or handle product and supplies throughout the store
  • Ability to work varied hours/days as dictated by business.